About us

Our history, why and how we work

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Art for hope is a social business that supports marginalized women by promoting their handicrafts.

We work together with organizations that support women in their social inclusion and economic independence through handcrafting.

Art for hope partners with businesses in Switzerland to facilitate the sale of their carefully crafted products to customers who enjoy unique art and care for the well being of the artist.

With the profit, we support projects that empower women.

Who we are and how it all started

We are individuals and organizations that work towards social and economic integration of  marginalized groups. 

Art for hope is founded by Verica Puzderliska Greuter. She has worked in the non-profit sector supporting marginalized groups in Macedonia for many years. During all different kind of projects whenever there were positive results and smiles on the faces of beneficiaries, the continuation of the project that helped them still depended on fundraising. The question of sustainable and independent fundraising was always present.

Her husband, Simon Greuter supports an organization in Tajikistan that helps single women by forming self-help groups and provides agricultural, legal and medical help. And one year they started making wonderful handicrafts. Handicrafts that can provide income for the producer and the profit can help more women be empowered the same way. That is when the idea of Art for hope was born.

With the help of Capacity's Entrepreneurship Program in 2019, Art for hope was formed in its current shape and started its journey towards the social business it is today.

How do we work

Art for hope works with local organizations that support marginalized women and have activities for producing handicrafts for economic independence. We promote the use of traditional handicrafts techniques and locally sourced materials and fabrics. Local crafting experts are training women from social and economic integration projects to produce high quality products and gain income through their sales.

Further on we develop products for the swiss market by modernizing the authentic local design elements to fit with the modern style and preferences of our customers in Switzerland. We are present at markets, shops, sustainable online platforms and our own web shop to make our products available to a wider number of customers that enjoy unique art and care for the well being of the artist.

Every product bought from Art for hope generates a fair income for the women that crafted it, while with the profit we organize more trainings and other supporting activities within the project.

That is what Art for hope is all about: 

Handicrafts that you will ENJOY for their use,

that you will appreciate for their value as ART pieces

that you will compensate their creator with a fair price AND

that are an opportunity to GIVE something yourself, a HOPE…

... because the profit we support projects that empower women.

How you can help

We are always looking for individuals and organizations as partners and supporters. If you would like to join us with your design, commercial and other skill, we will be more than happy to receive your message here.

Or you can donate to support more trainings and workshops for marginalized women

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